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We’ve reviewed and tested some of the best power generators
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See how solar panels can be used for both off-grid power independence and an emergency power source

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An introduction to wind turbines as your renewable energy source

We Review, Test, and Compare the latest Clean Energy Sources

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For home, business, and recreational, helping you research options like solar, wind, and generator power. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions about your energy choices based on efficiency, affordability, and reliability.

Before you buy, check out our reviews and tests to help you make an informed decision. We’ve got you covered for every kind of energy use, from small-scale household appliances to large-scale professional uses and off-grid power independence.

Our no-nonsense, straight-talk testing will give you a good sense of a product’s performance, durability, and noteworthy features.

We test using scientific processes on real-life applications to see which performs best. When it comes down to it, the most critical factors, power, run-time, maneuverability, and consumption, dominate our testing criteria. We also give consideration to build quality and innovative smart technology.

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Selecting products to test and review

01. Research consumer reviews

We research popular features, read through consumer reviews, and often reach out to product engineers and manufacturers to make our selections.

02. Select based on experience

Many models are selected based on our experience using power sources for backup power, campsites to run appliances and equipment, and running sound systems and lighting at outdoor events.

solar panel

03. Perform real-life tests

We measured sound levels of generators idling with and without load from 2 feet and 25 feet. We often test large starting and running loads with a 50-amp RV. We used an oscilloscope to observe the sine wave generated by these machines and a clamp meter to check voltage output.

04. Evaluate results

We evaluate based on ease of starting, power response, and sound levels to select the top performers. In addition, we also considered price, maneuverability, and other factors that may be important to you.

We’re frequently asked to recommend or rate products, and in an effort to stay unbiased, we’ve compiled some buying guides and helpful comparison charts to make the process of choosing the best alternative energy source and related products easier. We’ve highlighted dozens of the latest, greatest, and must-have tools and alternative energy products in our “best in class – shout outs” and “hot list – gift guide.”