Power shortages cause serious disruption if you are not prepared with an emergency backup power solution.  Traditional gas generator was our partner as a backup power source for a long time. However, with the introduction of portable solar generators, gas generators have taken a backseat. People prefer portable solar generators due to its portability and clean energy source among many other compelling reasons. 

The following section of the blog will explore the difference between gas generators and solar power generation. Let’s check out the reasons behind the growing popularity of portable solar generators over gas generators. 

Gas Generator and Portable Solar Generator Mechanisms

Gas generators need a separate engine which uses diesel or gasoline to transform mechanical energy into electrical energy. They can generate large amounts of electricity making it suitable for running machines and appliances. 

Alternatively, portable solar generators generate electricity by using photovoltaic cells transforming sunlight into electricity. They are lightweight and easy to carry and operate. It requires you to place the compact machine under the sun and press the power switch to turn it on. The solar energy is stored in the battery for future use, eliminating manual fuel refilling. You can carry it to remote places for camping, fishing, hiking and so on. 

Merits of Portable Solar Generators over Gas Generators

Portable solar generator is a smarter alternative power solution than a gas generator for a number of convincing reasons. Let’s check out the advantages of using portable solar generators.

1. Cost-effective Solution

The gas generator is a costlier option amongst the two power backup solutions. The traditional gas generators run by fuel and fuel cost is one of the main demerits of the gas generator. Furthermore, the cost of diesel or gasoline is floating and it often becomes a hassle to keep up with the change in pricing. 

Portable solar generator does not require any fuel cost as it harnesses the power of the sun, a free and unlimited source of power which can also be stored for future use. It also lowers your electricity cost as solar generators can be charged by the excess solar power stored during the day time. 

On the other hand, a portable solar generator requires minimal to no maintenance apart from regular cleaning keeping it away from dirt and debris. Alternatively, a traditional gas generator has multiple moving parts which require regular maintenance and replacement. The maintenance cost depends on the size and design of the generator.  

2.  Environmental Benefits of Portable Solar Generator

Portable solar generator is run by solar energy, a clean energy source and has zero emission. The traditional gas generator releases tons of harmful gasses such as, carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxide (NO) along with other pollutant substances that are extremely harmful for the environment and for human beings. 

Furthermore, using portable solar generators is a sustainable choice over traditional gas generators since gas generators rely on non-renewable sources such as gasoline and diesel, which involves availability and cost implications. Moreover, land drilling for fuel causes land depletions and alteration which can be avoided by choosing portable solar generators. 

Additionally, traditional generators create a lot of noise pollution which makes it extremely difficult for people nearby. Portable solar generator, on the other hand, produces little to no noise making it suitable for places which require quietness, such as residential areas, hospitals, educational institutions and so on. 

3. Portability of Portable Solar Generators

Portable solar generators are lightweight and compact making it extremely useful for a range of outdoor activities from camping to traveling. This is the biggest USP of portable generators. On the other hand, traditional gas generators are at a risk of causing fire if not used and stored properly. Portable solar generators do not produce any heat or sparks and involve no fire risk and thus, are regarded as the best reliable power generator for home and outdoor both. 


From the above discussion it is evident that a portable solar generator is a cost-effective, sustainable and eco-friendly alternative power source. Additionally, it has versatile applications as it is easier to carry for outdoor applications. Moreover, it does not involve any toxic emissions and risk of catching fire like that of the traditional gas generators. Switch over to a portable solar generator today for the best alternative power solution.