5 Essential Standby Generator Accessories

Standby Generator Accessories

A Standby Generator is powerful machinery that provides you with an uninterrupted power supply. Investing in a standby generator is also an essential safety measure to protect you and your family from accidents during storms and other inconveniences, like the unavailability of hot water in cold, stormy weather. 

In order to harness the full power of a generator it is important to invest in certain important accessories along with the generator. The following article will enumerate the five most essential standby generator accessories. 

Keep Handy these Five Standby Generator Accessories

To fully utilize the generator power, you must consider investing in some of the essential generator accessories. Here are five must-have accessories for the standby generator.

1. Generator Pads of high-strength Fiber

Standby generators must be installed with a concrete or fiber pad as the foundation to protect them from dirt and debris in any weather condition and to position them on level ground to provide stability.  

The pads are made of concrete or strong fibers to ensure no damage during harsh climatic conditions. For additional support, it is better to attach a hurricane pad along with the concrete or fiber pads. Hurricane pads are manufactured with water and polymer and weigh around 330 pounds. They provide a solid base support to the generator to keep it stable in any condition. 

2. Mandatory Maintenance Kits

Generator maintenance kits are essential to keep handy to ensure an uninterrupted power supply. The kits consist of extra oil, oil filters, air filters, and speaker plugs that help you solve minor issues without needing any external help. 

The kits vary according to different generator models. Thus, it is important to make sure that the kits you have chosen are compatible with your generator model. It is advisable to seek help from professional technicians for major problems. 

3. Smart Management Accessories

Smart management accessories are the most powerful monitoring devices, and they allow you to monitor your generator from anywhere. You just need to connect a remote monitoring device to your generator, and you can continuously track your generator from mobile apps. Through the mobile apps, you will receive notifications of all the minor issues that your generator might face and resolve the issue immediately. 

On the other hand, you must also consider keeping handy smart management modules. These allow you to connect monitoring devices to individual electric circuits and prioritize the power level for each circuit. For instance, you might choose to keep your air conditioner and refrigerator on continuously while reducing the power level for TV. 

4. Automatic Power Switch

An automatic generator turns on your generator automatically during power cuts and turns off when power is restored. This is one of the most essential accessories during stormy weather, as you don’t have to risk your safety by turning on your generator manually. Thus, you must make use of this automatic mechanism to power your generator and enjoy an unhindered power supply.

5. Mufflers for Noise Reduction

Most generators make a lot of noise when turned on. A muffler helps to lower the noise level and allow a noise-free power supply. Mufflers have different noise-reducing capabilities, and you must ensure that the one you choose is compatible with your generator model. Thus, choosing the best reliable power generator for your home ensures that you get the best reliable accessories to support your generator. 

Bottom Line

Standby generator accessories enhance the functionality and performance of a generator. When investing in a standby generator, one must consider what accessories are required and will be appropriate to support it and provide optimum power supply throughout the year.