Learn About the Essential Accessories for Portable Generators

Accessories for Portable Generators

A portable generator is a must-have household appliance, especially for areas prone to frequent power cuts. However, to get the maximum benefit from it, one must be equipped with associated accessories.

There are some mandatory to have and some additional useful accessories for portable generators. The following blog will list some useful accessories that enhance the usability and convenience of a portable generator.

Portable Generator Accessories

Multiple accessories enable portable generators to work efficiently and smoothly. Here is a list of accessories that one must have with a portable generator at home. 

Most Important Convenience Cords

By plugging appliances into a portable generator, power is transferred from the generator to the appliances. To facilitate power transfer from the generator to the appliances, multiple extension cords are required to plug in from the generator placed outside the house to the indoor appliances. 

However, the modern convenience cords are extremely user friendly as you just need to plug in at one point of the generator and connect multiple items with your generator power simultaneously. A conventional cord is also safer than traditional extension cords as it does not require multiple cords to spread over your room allowing you to avoid possible accidents. 

Generator Enclosure for Protection

A generator enclosure is a tent-like cover that is used as a shelter for your generator, especially during harsher climates like storms or strong wind situations. The design of a generator enclosure facilitates proper ventilation as well. Thus, it is a must-have accessory since it protects the generator from dirt and debris, enhancing its longevity. Thus, it is one of the mandatory accessories for portable generators. 

Power Transfer Systems

Power transfer systems allow you to connect your portable generator with your house that enables you to power hardware systems like computers, heating machines and so on. The systems have a transfer switch, a power cord and a power inlet box. Just by plugging your generator into the transfer switch directly or via a power inlet box, you will be able to send power to your home’s circuits without needing any additional cord. Thus, it is one of the most important accessories for portable generators. 

A Mandatory Gas Can and Fuel Stabilizer

If a generator is not used for weeks or months then it is imperative to empty the generator and to store the remaining gas in a gas container. The quality of the gas deteriorates over time and can cause damage to the generator. On the other hand, you must use a fuel stabilizer to keep the gas in good condition to be able to use in future.

Essential Cold Weather Accessories

There is a possibility of damage to your portable generator due to freezing temperatures in colder regions. One must keep certain kits such as oil heaters and batteries warmer to prevent such damages. These two kits protect the generator in extreme cold and stormy weather conditions. 


Accessorizing your portable generator enhances its usability and lifespan. As one chooses a generator according to specific needs and factors such as climatic conditions, number of appliances needed to power by the generator and the frequency of power cuts, the requirement of appliances also depends on these factors. It is advisable that you get the best reliable power generator for home along with these essential accessories for unhindered and convenient power supply.