GENMAX GM9000iED Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator

GENMAX GM9000iED Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator




GENMAX Portable Inverter Generator, 9000W Super Quiet Gas Propane Powered Engine with Parallel Capability, Remote/Electric Start, Ideal for Home backup power.EPA Compliant (GM9000iED)

GENMAX Portable Inverter Generator, Super Quiet dual fuel Gas and Propane Powered

GENMAX GM9000iED Dual Fuel, Quiet, Remote / Electric Start, Ideal for Home backup (GM9000iED) Review – YouTube

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  1. kenneth (verified owner)

    I have recently used my GM9000. I used it for a week straight running around 11-12 hours perday on my RV. I do have dual air on my RV along with I ran my fridge, Microwave and Coffee Pot along the way. I had zero issues as the GM9000 would handle everything I threw at it during the week. This unit has a 6.9 gallon fuel tank on it and I ran both my airs, fridge and miscellaneous things plugged in though-out and the generator went 11 hours on a tank of fuel. The read out showed I was probably using about half the load it could handle bouncing between 3.4kw to around 4kw. That is super impressive to me. Everything is super accessible, easy to read and use. The only small complaint I had was, I use a Progressive Industries EMS-PT50 surge protector. Well I was unable to plug it into the unit with the transport handle down. I had to lift the handle to have room to plug in the 50 amp receptacle. So other than it taking up a little extra room having to have the handle up the rest was great. I will report updates again later down the road. But I ran this thing pretty dang hard in the way of none stop hours, I have over 60 hours on this thing in a week. It is a beast!

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