Top Three Pulsar Generators for Your Home’s Power Backup

Pulsar Generators

Picking the right generator for your home is essential to ensure that your house does not run out of power supply after heavy storms and downpours. Nowadays, you can find various power station manufacturing brands. People keep looking for robust power backup systems since power outages have become common in many regions. The regions that are vulnerable to storms and other natural calamities have a high demand for power generators. Among various trustworthy brands, Pulsar has emerged as one of the most reliable power generator manufacturers.

Pulsar is a reputed brand for manufacturing advanced and portable home or commercial generators. The availability of multiple products from the brand ensures that buyers’ requirements are met with precision. The following section discusses the top three portable Pulsar generators that are ideal for home power backup. At the same time, you can take these generators on camping trips to meet your power backup needs.

1. Pulsar 9500W Tri Fuel Inverter Generator

Pulsar generator

As the name implies, this generator is a tri-fuel generator, which can be operated through three different fuels such as propane, gasoline, and natural gas. Users can turn on the generator remotely, while the push-on electric start is also attached to the generator.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a common concern with the power generators. In order to prevent health hazards due to excessive carbon monoxide release, this generator comes with an auto sensor to turn off the generator. At the same time, it is outfitted with an alert system to make users alert when there is a possibility of excessive carbon monoxide release.

The generator comes with heavy-duty wheels, which help users to move it from one place to another easily. Being an inverter generator, it offers clean electricity, which does not cause any harm to delicate gadgets and appliances in your home.

2. Pulsar PGD40ISCO Ultra Light Quiet 4000W Portable Gas Inverter Generator

Pulsar generator

The Pulsar PGD40ISCO is another excellent portable inverter generator that meets your home or office power backup requirements with precision. As the name implies, the unique selling point of this product is the lightweight design. Therefore, buyers will find amazing convenience in moving the generator from one place to another without a hassle. Ideally, this generator is good for home power backup and power supply for camping trips.

3. Pulsar PGD95BISCO Super Quite Dual Fuel 9500W

Pulsar generator

People want a robust power backup system at home, though they do not like the noise from such generators. The heavy and persistent noise from these generators causes headaches and annoyance. If you are looking for a soundless option, the Pulsar PGD95BISCO is an excellent choice. This inverter generator is super quiet while delivering a robust performance with precision.

This generator from Pulsar is a dual-fuel generator, which uses gasoline and propane as the fuels. Other features include remote start, low battery shutdown, low oil shutdown, etc. Being an inverter generator, it offers clean and safe power output to operate delicate electronic gadgets safely.

Bottom Line

So, these are the top three pulsar generators that you can consider buying for your household power backup requirements. All of them are inverter generators, which are better than conventional generators in three ways. Firstly, inverter generators are lightweight, which makes them portable. Secondly, inverter generators are quiet or soundless. Lastly, they render clean electricity which does not cause any damage to the gadgets.