Tri Fuel Generator: Everything You Need to Know

While reviewing and testing various generators, we often receive queries on different types of generators and their use cases. Of late, we have noticed a lot of buzz around the tri fuel generator. So, this article intends to shed light on the features, benefits, and other aspects of the tri fuel generators. You can check the website and YouTube channel of Gavin’s Garage to learn more about the different types of generators, including the modern tri-fuel generators.

What Is a Tri Fuel Generator?

As the name implies, a tri-fuel generator is a type of generator that can operate on three different types of fuels. Such generators typically use propane, gasoline, and natural gas. The most standard generators available in the marketplace operate only using gasoline. Later, the dual-fuel generators came to the market. Nowadays, tri-fuel generators are swiftly gaining popularity among global generator buyers.

Gasoline is easily available, though it cannot be stored for more than 60 days. The emergence of tri-fuel generators is the solution for those who want to run their generators on other fuels instead of using gasoline. Propane, a commonly used fuel for the tri fuel generator, is easy to store. Moreover, people do not find difficulty in sourcing this fuel. Popular brands that have introduced the tri-fuel generators are Genmax, Champion, Firman, etc. For example, GENMAX GM10500iETC is a tri-fuel generator.

How Does a Tri Fuel Generator Work?

A tri fuel portable generator works using three types of fuels. In the following section, you can find the fuel details for such generators.

  • Gasoline: The generator comes with a gas tank, which you need to load with gasoline. When you use gasoline, it works similarly to the other types of portable generators.
  • Propane: Instead of using gasoline, you can use propane to run the generator. Propane is an excellent backup fuel for two reasons. Firstly, it is easy to procure from the local hardware stores. Secondly, propane can be preserved for a long time. When you run short of gasoline, you can use propane to run the generator and enjoy hassle-free power backup.
  • Natural Gas: You can use the natural gas or your home or commercial supply to run the generator. The benefit is that you have a natural gas source present at your home. Therefore, running the generator in emergency situations would not be a hassle.

FAQs on Tri Fuel Generators

What is a tri-fuel generator?

A tri-fuel generator is a versatile power generation device that can run on three different fuel sources: gasoline, propane, and natural gas. It provides flexibility in fuel options, allowing users to switch between these three fuels based on availability, convenience, or preference.

How does a tri-fuel generator work?

Tri-fuel generators typically come equipped with a conversion kit that allows them to operate using different fuel sources. These kits often include specialized components such as regulators, carburetor modifications, and adapters. Users can switch between fuels by adjusting the generator’s settings or connecting it to the desired fuel source.

What are the advantages of using a tri-fuel generator?

  • Fuel versatility: Ability to use gasoline, propane, or natural gas based on availability or specific needs.
  • Extended run times: Users can switch between fuels without interrupting power supply, allowing for continuous operation during emergencies or prolonged outages.
  • Fuel storage options: Propane and natural gas can be stored for longer durations compared to gasoline, providing increased preparedness for power outages or emergencies.

Are there any limitations to using a tri-fuel generator?

  • Power output: Tri-fuel generators might have slightly reduced power output when running on propane or natural gas compared to gasoline.
  • Conversion process: Switching between fuels may require some manual adjustments or installation of conversion kits, which could take time and may need technical expertise.
  • Availability of fuel: While propane and natural gas are often more stable and have longer storage lives, their availability during emergencies or certain situations may vary.

Can I use all three fuel sources simultaneously on a tri-fuel generator?

Generally, tri-fuel generators are designed to operate on one fuel source at a time. Simultaneous use of multiple fuels is not a typical feature of these generators. Users can switch between fuels as needed but should follow manufacturer guidelines and safety instructions when doing so.

Bottom Line

So, these are some basic things to learn about tri-fuel generators. You can find both non-inverter and inverter tri-fuel generators at the stores. Gavin’s Garage features an array of tri fuel generators at its online store. You can view the products and add them to the cart if you want to purchase them. Nevertheless, you will find many reviews on the latest generators at our website.